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One of the most important factors when choosing a fitness floor is shock absorption. If you practice demanding exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, or jumps, you need a floor that can absorb shocks and thus reduce the load on your joints. Rubber floors are a great choice because they can absorb shocks and dampen sound.

Another important factor is safety. Falls and injuries can occur during exercise, so it is important that the floor provides adequate slipperiness and resistance to damage. PVC or laminate floors are suitable for weight-free exercises, but not suitable for exercises with dumbbells or heavier weights.

In addition to shock absorption and safety, comfort is also important. A comfortable floor will allow you to exercise without pain and discomfort and will help you maintain the correct body position. Floors made of materials such as rubber or foam material are very comfortable and suitable for various types of exercise, from yoga to strength training.

A final factor to consider is ease of maintenance. Fitness floors are exposed to heavy loads, so it is important that they are easy to maintain and wear-resistant. Rubber or rubber floors are easy to maintain and resistant to wear and tear and have a long life.

Choosing the right floor ensures safety during exercise, prevents damage to the floor and reduces noise levels.

Here are three options we offer to help you customize your spaces to your specific needs.
– Wooden floors
– Rubber floors
– Sports linoleum


Wood floors are ideal for spaces designed for yoga, circuit training, spinning rooms, group exercise on balance devices and other activities that do not require heavy weight machines and dumbbells. Wooden floors are made of natural material and flexibility, which ensures flexibility and easy maintenance.

In our offer we have the Junckers CLIP System, which is a sports floor based on a floating method of laying on a flexible surface using unique clips. The floors are intended for installation on a flat surface and have a total structural height of 27 or 32 mm depending on the chosen underlay. Thanks to the possibility of eventual dismantling, these floors are very practical.


Rubber floors are suitable for areas with a high degree of load and resistance, such as fitness centers or stadium grounds. We offer two variants: POWERSHOCK 80 and POWERSHOCK 300.

POWERSHOCK 80 is a vulcanized rubber flooring with a total thickness of 8 mm, suitable for fitness centers and stadiums. Thanks to the puzzle system, installation is very simple and quick. This flooring is resistant to high static loads (machines up to 600 kg) and moisture, does not smell and is easy to maintain. Sound insulation is 13 dB.

POWERSHOCK 300 is a 30mm thick impact resistant rubber floor plate, ideal for heavy weight barbell areas and for your gym or fitness facility. The Powershock 300 prevents deep impact damage while providing excellent sound attenuation of 24dB.


Sports linoleum is an ideal choice for gymnasiums, fitness centers, sports halls and other sports venues where high-impact sports such as basketball, volleyball, handball, but also aerobics and other exercise activities are played.

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