Sports flooring

Sports flooring

The choice of sports flooring is challenging and crucial for achieving high sports performance and ensuring the safety of athletes. Sports floors are made of different materials such as solid wood, PVC or rubber. Each of these materials has its own characteristics and advantages and it is important to consider the specific needs of the athlete, the type of sport and the environment in which the floor will be used.

Surface elastic sports flooring

Surface elastic sports floors use wooden elements as the main source of elasticity. These floors provide greater flexibility and better impact attenuation, making them suitable for sports where larger movements are required, such as basketball, handball, volleyball, etc. Wooden sports floors consist of a layer of solid wood, several layers of elastic and cushioning material and layers of professional sports lacquers. These
floors are installed on a solid, flat and dry subfloor. However, today’s technologies also offer the possibility of installing sports floors on a not completely flat subfloor.

Point elastic sports floors (sports PVC, cast polyurethane)

Combined sports floors

Combined sports floors are a combination of point resilient and area resilient sports floors. These floors are composed of a point resilient layer that provides flexibility and immediate cushioning and an area resilient layer that offers both strength and sufficient cushioning for this system. These floors are suitable for sports where a combination of strength and resilience is required, such as volleyball, floorball, badminton, etc. In short, this combined solution is multifunctional.


Sports flooring must meet certain norms and standards, such as EN 14904 for sports flooring. These standards set out the quality and safety requirements of the floors to ensure that they are suitable for sporting activities and that athletes are protected from injury.

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