Wall tiles

Wall tiles

Wall cladding in sports halls must be different from wall cladding in other types of buildings, particularly because of the demands on durability and strength. They must be able to withstand impact and various types of damage such as abrasion, cracking and wear.


Materials such as wood, plastic sheets and composite materials are often used for wall cladding in gymnasiums and sports halls. These materials need to be durable and moisture resistant to prevent damage to the walls.


Another important factor in the choice of wall cladding is its design. Wall and ceiling cladding should be a harmonious complement to the overall design of the sports space while providing a good appearance. Wall cladding should also provide additional functions such as thermal insulation, sound insulation and complete the acoustics of the space.


In order to select the right wall cladding, all these factors must be taken into account and you must choose cladding that meets all the requirements for safety, function and design.

Plywood wall coverings

Plywood wall and ceiling cladding offers excellent properties such as durability, safety and longevity. These tiles are manufactured from top quality birch plywood, which is characterised by excellent dimensional and dimensional stability.
The manufacturing process of these tiles is controlled and monitored to ensure the highest possible quality standard. The individual pieces are pre-formatted, pre-drilled, machined and varnished. Installation is only done on site, ensuring the quality of the finish. The plywood cladding on the walls and ceilings contributes significantly to the overall design and atmosphere of the sports space.

We also offer other material options, such as decking, laminate, carpet tiles and fire-resistant wall cladding in colour options.

Facing decking

Cladding boards suitable for various types of buildings and gyms. Each type of wood has its own specific characteristics and appearance. For example, we offer pine decking made from Nordic pine with distinctive knots, or high-quality Siberian larch with a long life and beautiful design. We produce decking in many profiles and dimensions, depending on the use in the individual space.

Hanging or carpet tiling

Hanging wall tiles are also popular. Less common are carpet tiles.

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