Logos and lining

Logos and lining

What would happen if the sports ground didn’t have lines? This question can be easily answered by anyone. Because we know how important the lines are for the proper functionality of the field, we offer professional lines exactly according to the requirements of our customers and the rules of each sport.


For wooden floors, we apply the lines between layers of varnish and for sports artificial surfaces we apply the lines to the final surface. Of course, we understand that the lifespan of the slats depends on the use of the sports field, so we offer the renewal of existing slats and the addition of new ones according to the needs of the users.


In addition, we can enhance the beauty of the sports ground by adding a logo or emblem, for example of a municipality, city, school or sports club. We pride ourselves on the fact that our logos are always hand-crafted from a template that is always approved by the customer.

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