Sports facilities

Sports facilities

Modern and functional sports facilities for your comfort and relaxed gathering at sports.


The right sports facilities are important for every athlete and visitor. From changing rooms and toilets to entrance areas and reception – every room is important and places different demands on flooring, walls, storage and vestibules. Our complete designs address these needs and ensure the comfort and convenience of all sports venue users. We design and implement modern and functional sports facilities so you can focus on your sporting performance.

Reconstruction of sanitary facilities and changing rooms

Are you thinking about renovating the restrooms and locker rooms at your sports venue? Our company is here to help you with this task. We offer a wide range of sports ground welfare and changing room refurbishment services to help you create modern and functional facilities that meet the requirements and needs of your users.


Our team of experts has extensive experience in refurbishing social facilities and changing rooms of all sizes and types. We can help you plan, design and implement your renovation to get the best result. Our services include tile replacement, installation of new sanitary fixtures and lighting, structural replacement, painting and more.


We ensure quality, functionality and aesthetic appeal in every step of the renovation process. We design solutions that meet the highest standards and are tailored to your needs. Our services are affordable and we adapt to your budget and schedule.


We have years of experience in sports facility renovations and know how important modern and functional restrooms and locker rooms are to your users. Our team can help you with your renovations and ensure your sports facility is ready for your happy users. Contact us to start planning your renovation today!

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